Testimonials - Just a few

Andrew Bradbury

5 Stars On Google

I have been working with Nationwide Tax Consulting for the past couple of years.  I have nothing but great thing to say about this company!  They made me feel comfortable and positive about some of the hard decisions my family and I had to make.  Also, their guidance and knowledge eliminated any type of stress we had before talking to them.  As a Palm Beach County School Teacher and Wrestling Coach, Nationwide helped my family and I get to a better place financially. The people there are so nice and helpful! The CEO actually made a donation to my High School‘s Athletic Department which went towards tournaments, travel costs and team gear! They are GREAT people to work with!

Paul Elliott

5 Stars On Google

I've never used a tax consulting company before and just depended on my Father to do them for me. Being a subcontractor for many years, neither me nor my dad really new the ropes and guidelines for filing as a subcontractor. So in turn, I ended up owing quite a bit from past years. The IRS ended up putting a lean on me since I wasn't really able to catch up on getting them paid off as quickly as they would have liked. I contacted Nationwide Tax Consulting just to see what I could do and my options. After talking with Stephan about my situation, he explained to me exactly how it all worked and how my father and I were most likely and probably had missed a few write-offs that we could have done. I ended up retaining Nationwide services to handle my case with the IRS. They had assigned my case to Heather and with the work they did, they made a huge difference. They were able to see the mistakes that we had made and were able to reduce the large amount I owed down to a fraction of what it was. My tax lien is in the process of getting removed (which had a huge impact on my credit and life) and things are finally getting back to normal.
I have to admit, making the decision to go with these guys was the best choice I could of made.

Thanks Again Stephan and Heather!!

Edsel Grant Capunsan

5 Stars On Google

Contracted Nationwide tax a few years ago to help resolve my case, they did such a good job I continue to use them to this day to file all my tax returns each year and any accounting work I need to get done, they have helped direct my business in a much more organized fashion than I had been doing on my own for a very long time. Hire them and you won't be disappointed.

Jay Flores

5 stars - About a year ago

About 4 months I received a notice of Federal Tax Lien in the mail from the IRS.  I was shocked to see they were saying that my wife and I owed over $160k in taxes.  Then that very day I began to be bombarded with phone calls from companies around the country claiming they could solve my tax problem.  They all said the same thing.  Send us thousands of dollars today and we can solve your problem.

Then I spoke with Michael from Nationwide.  He calmly told me that no one could even attempt to solve my issue before knowing how the IRS even came to that figure.  That's when I decided to let Nationwide do an "investigation" of our Federal Taxes.  Within a few days they contacted me with a plan of action and I decided to retain Nationwide to represent me.  It was the best move I could have possibly made.  

Christopher Contreras

5 stars - About a year ago

I highly recommend Nationwide Tax Consulting as my situation was a very difficult and involed case. They handled all the aspects of my case very proffessionally and with an abundance or patience.  From the interaction with the IRS to the timely production of any and all documentation.
My consultant, Kelly Montefusco, made me feel that I was getting personal attention. Access to her personal cell phone, after hours callbacks, etc...gave me a sense of comfort in a time when fear and panic were daily challenges. In a nutshell everything that was proposed and offered by Nationwide came to fruition. I'm living proof that some companies do actually walk their talk. My wish is that others have the same success I did, but Nationwide is the right place to start.

Bart Gershenbaum

5 stars - About 9 months ago

I hired Kelly Montefusco at Nationwide Tax Consulting to prepare a request for an abatement of penalties on my behalf, and she was able to negotiate a refund of $6519.23, for one year. We are still currently working to abate a few other years, but I am very satisfied with the work that has been done so far.”  I would recommend her highly.

5 Stars on Google

Jessica Holguin

5 stars - About a year ago

Stephen and Art are exceptional tax professionals. As an Attorney in Chicago, I've had experiences with colleagues in the tax profession who not only fail to inform clients but also fail to resolve the underlying tax issues. Nationwide provides a high level of expertise well above the competitors with strategies to resolve tax concerns while mitigating losses. I highly recommend Nationwide.

5 Stars on Google

Chris Barnes
5 stars - About 8 months ago

I used Nationwide Tax Consulting to help me resolve my back taxes as well as a tax lien.  They were amazing.  They made me understand that I am not alone and everything will be fine.  It was better then fine.  Not only did they save me thousands and thousands of dollars, they IMMEDIATELY stopped all harassing phone calls, and allowed me to get my bank account working again since the IRS drained it.  They even are in the process of recouping some of those funds.  Thanks NTC   You guys truly are the best!!!

5 Stars on Google

Lindsy Vo
5 star - About a year ago

My husband and I just relocated to South Florida from Boston to set up a Dentist office.  My husband is very intelligent but knew absolutely nothing about how to set up a business the right way.  We were referred to Stephan and Robert  at Nationwide Tax Consulting so we went to them for help.  They set us up with a corporation right way, set up our payroll, showed us how to figure and pay our taxes, and manage our books.  We have been in business for over a year and have had no problems with the IRS since hiring Nationwide Tax Consulting.  We are so relieved to have them on our side!!

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